It is the rapid development of skills for personal combat in real-life situations.

Self-defense training works on the rapid development of personal combat skills, with decisions ranging from escape strategies to incapacitating the aggressor with brutal and lethal tactics.

Sifu Gio

Positive Self Defense & Woman Self Defense

As the saying goes, all roads lead to Rome. In a similar way, we could say, all forms of martial arts lead to self-defense.

The concept of self-defense is being widely promoted and marketed around the world, however, the vast majority of them only show the tip of the iceberg.

In reality, the self-defense techniques offered by the various martial arts are only the final part of a series of events in a cycle of premeditated attack. In addition to the type of martial art, there are certain principles that will govern the events leading up to a situation where a person's safety or life is at stake.


We intend to provide complete knowledge of self-defense, providing the practitioner with:

– Simple and effective techniques

– Improve reaction time

– Develop muscle motor skills – Reducing the effects of stress and fear

– Raise awareness.

– Improve self-control through breathing technique

– Identify the vulnerability of opponents

Sifu Poon Way Sanchez and Sifu gio´s Book
woman self-defense


Our “Positive Defense” program is divided into two modules.

The first module will cover common attack scenarios and Counterattacks, requiring a minimum of 12 classes.

Module two will cover basic ground fighting and throwing techniques, advanced attacks and counterattacks, requiring 14 classes. Each class lasts 90 minutes.

We will provide a Comprehensive book covering in detail our “Positive Self-Defense” methodology. We will provide a comprehensive book covering our “Positive Self-Defense” methodology in detail.

Classes are offered individually or in groups. Contact us to review upcoming or available classes hours for individual lessons.


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