Combat and self-defense sport, also known as Chinese kickboxing.

SANDA is a competitive martial art developed around 1949 to standardize combative or fighting events, using elements of traditional Chinese kung fu styles. SANDA, also known as yundong sanda (运动散打), formerly San Shou, can be translated as Competitive Fighting. It is a fighting method, defined by a specific set of rules with the aim of protecting participants and standardizing movements, allowing any kung fu practitioner to participate in this event. It is also called Chinese boxing and will allow takedowns, throws and all other types of blows (use of arms and legs). However, elbows and ground fighting are not permitted. Some techniques were adopted from Shuai jiao and other Chinese fighting techniques called Chin Na.


Uses all parts of the body as anatomical weapons to attack and counterattack

Competitors must wear protective equipment: gum shield, groin protectors, hand wraps, helmet, gloves and chest protectors. Protective equipment is separated into two colors, namely red and blue. Athletes will face a fight consisting of three two-minute rounds (junior events may employ rounds of 1 minute and 30 seconds) with one minute of rest in between. A fight is won by a competitor who wins two of the three rounds.

There are very specific scoring areas in which two or one points are awarded when striking: the head, torso and thighs. Some examples of scoring criteria are listed below:

As this competition is highly organized, the event will feature a main referee, assistant main referee, main judge, platform referees, side judges and recorder.

The team listed above must go through a certification process required by IWUF.

The competition will be divided into Senior competition, Junior competition and Children's competition.

The fight will be held on a Wushu Sanda competition platform (approved by IWUF), with precise dimensions, mats measuring 8 x 8 x 0.8 m, surrounded by a protective mat measuring 2 m x 0.3 m underneath.

The NAN TIEN MEN team has been preparing SANDA fighters to compete in IWUF events. If you are interested in martial arts as a competitive sport, please contact us to assess your level and personal goals. We will be able to provide guidance and instruction to become an elite athlete.


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