Kung Fu

It combines external and internal training and strengthens the mind, body and spirit.
Choy Lee Fut

Our style

Choy Lee Fut is a Chinese martial art characterized by range of movement of the legs and arms. 

Choy Lee Fut combines speed, strength and the beauty of circular movements to define and revitalize all muscles.

The full range of kicks, swings, fast footwork, and long and short hand techniques make this martial art a self-defense and complete workout for the body and mind.

The first objective of our school is to transmit traditional martial arts. The term “traditional” may be widely used, but it is not enough to describe the entire spectrum of martial arts. 

We must consider the three main elements to define traditional Kung Fu Choy Lee Fut:

  • Martial arts activity;
  • Cultural/social structure;
  • Practicing personal goals.


These elements are intrinsically related and rooted in our codes, systems and philosophy.

It is important to convey this principle to our students: “Martial arts need to be practiced and performed, cultural/social structures need to be understood and respected, and personal goals need to be defined.”


Our program consists of 9 levels

Each level will allow the practitioner to improve their skills by combining routines, individual application, self-defense and conditioning with punching bags. We establish a close link between traditional forms and their real applications. For reference, we've listed the first four levels below; Contact us if you want to join us on this incredible life journey.








Kung Fu Gio

CHOY LAY FUT Combines speed, strength and the beauty of circular movements to define and invigorate every muscle

In the Image, the large Grand Master Poon Sing passing on his teachings to Sifu Gio (sixth generation of the Poon Sing Lineage and coordinator of the Great leopard Academy)


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