Professor Rodrigo A. Roxo

Sixth generation of the Choy Lee Fut style by the Poon Sing lineage

Sixth generation of the Poon lineage through Sifu Giovanni Antonieta and Sifu Poon Way Sanchez, Professor Rodrigo A. Roxo belongs to the sixth generation of descendants of the Choy Lee Fut style. In 1994 he began his traditional Kung Fu training in Rio de Janeiro under the tutelage of Sifu Giovanni Antonietta and Sifu Poon Wai Sanchez. Soon after his two masters left Brazil, he continued his training together with his training brothers in Rio de Janeiro. Rodrigo A. Roxo became chief instructor and began teaching Kung Fu to new generations on behalf of the Nan Tien Men Poon Sing Association. Seeking to improve his knowledge, Instructor Rodrigo A. Roxo began his studies in Chinese Medicine and at the same time also delved deeper into Tai Chi with Sifu Giovanni Antonietta. Currently living in Singapore, Instructor Rodrigo continues to contribute to the dissemination of the teachings of Si Kong Poon Sing, transmitted through his Masters Sifu Gio and sifu Poon Way Sanchez.
Professor Rodrigo
2001 – Instructor Nan Tien Men Poon Sing Choy Lee Fut kung Fu Association
2016 – Head-Instructor Great Leopard School

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