Sixth generation of the Si Kong Poon Sing lineage

Reginaldo Santos Vieira, born on March 6, 1988 in Arapiraca-AL, is a practitioner and instructor of Kung Fu Choy Lee Fat, whose journey began on September 5, 2001 under the tutelage of professor Paulo Sérgio Martinelli. He achieved black belt graduation in 2006, a milestone that highlighted his commitment to the martial art.

His participation in Kuoshu and Sanshou championships was marked by the constant search for personal and technical improvement, more than for achievements or trophies. In 2015, this search led Reginaldo to train with Mestre de Paula, expanding his vision and understanding of Kung Fu, within a journey that has always valued humility and discipline.

In November 2019, driven by the desire to share the teachings and values of Kung Fu, Reginaldo founded his own school, with the support of Sifu Balestrini. This act was not only a step in his career, but also an expression of his commitment to cultivating and disseminating the principles of respect, discipline and humility to new generations.

Professor Reginald

Delving deeper into the roots of Choy Lee Fut, Reginaldo had the most significant meeting of his journey so far with Grand Master Poon Wai Sanchez and Master Giovanni Antonieta, thanks to the intermediation of Sifu Maciel. Your affiliation with Nan Tien Men in June 2022 was an important step, opening doors to even deeper learning under the tutelage of these respected Kung Fu masters.

In addition to his life in martial arts, Reginaldo is a lawyer graduated from the University of Mogi das Cruzes, specializing in Real Estate Law and Contracts. His path demonstrates how the martial values of integrity and perseverance can be applied in all spheres of life, positively influencing his legal practice and contributions to the community.


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