Professor Maciel

Sixth generation of the Si Kong Poon Sing lineage

Professor Maciel is a disciple of Sifu Poon Way Sanchez and 6th generation of the Si kong Poon Sing lineage.

He started on the path of Kung Fu more than 40 years ago, having gained experience in the Praying Mantis and Choy Lee Fut styles and definitively establishing his steps in the Choy Lee Fut Style, today under the tutelage of SIfu Poon Way Sanchez. 

During his long career in Martial Arts, he acquired several titles and certifications such as Referee certifications from the Brazilian Kung Fu Confederation, Referee from the São Paulo Kung Fu Confederation and Kung Fu Black Belt. 

Professor Maciel currently represents the Nan Tien Men Poon Sing Choy Lee Fut de Kung Fu association in São Paulo, continuing to deepen his knowledge and teaching Kung Fu classes.

Sifu Maciel

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