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Driven by traditional martial arts

For more than 40 years of Kung Fu, Sifu Poon Way Sanchez(Sifu Ernesto) is a direct disciple of the great grandmaster Poon Sing and founder of the Nan Tien Men association. Our dear master Poon Way Sanchez (Sifu Ernesto) He always motivated future generations with his incredible knowledge and training methodology.

The great enthusiasm of Sifu Poon Way Sanchez (Sifu Ernesto) resulted in the training and continued motivation of several students, who later became masters, such as Sifu Gio, who currently disseminates his knowledge in the United States, and his disciple Sifu Keith Rios, who teaches classes in Germany. Both continue together with Sifu Poon Way Sanchez , providing support for the dissemination of Si Kong teachings Poon Sing and the Nan Tien Men Poon Sing Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu Association.

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Teachers Affiliated to Nan Tien Men Academy

Professor Maciel

Professor Maciel is a disciple of Sifu Poon Way Sanchez and 6th generation of the Si kong Poon Sing lineage.
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Professor Reginald

Kung Fu practitioner and instructor Choy Lee Fat, whose journey began on September 5, 2001 under the tutelage of professor Paulo Sérgio Martinelli.
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